Match an Image
Three clubs are pitted against each other in a race against the clock. This fun and light-hearted event is based on the traditional 'Match a Slide' competitions but brought into the modern digital age using digital images and efficient and well-proven software.
One team goes first and puts up an image. The other 2 teams have just 30 seconds to find a match from their set of PDIs culled from their own members' work. The judge decides whether those chosen match the first and decides on the best, or least worst, picture. This continues in turn for 36 rounds.
The audience are invited to encourage or coerce the judge and nothing is taken too seriously. The arcane scoring system decides the winner at the end of what always turns out to be a jolly entertaining evening.
The event suits clubs of any size or ability. Images are shown on a single screen so it's suitable for clubs with modest venues.
Contact me to run one of these unusual and enjoyable competition evenings at your club. Current price and mileage rate on application.